About Us

For as long back as we can remember, Americans have always shared a passion for the great outdoors, traversing the highways by motor-home, exploring on back roads and hiking trails; experiencing Northwest sunsets, rushing rivers and wild elk with their own eyes.

Although they are up for any outdoor adventure, they are not as inclined to say the same about the sunglasses on the market with poor craftsmanship inevitably leading to smeared and scratched lenses, cracked frames and more. So, in 2016 Gaiton Founded the Optics with the sole purpose of providing top-shelf sunglasses that allow you to see the beauty of the outdoors. Gaiton Optics sunglasses are reliable, durable and provide extraordinary vision quality. There is no substitute when it comes to lens technology, which is why Gaiton selected polarized lenses manufactured by BRAND company, and handcrafted frames designed and manufactured in Italy. 
We believe everyone deserves to have the best products, with solid customer service that treats you like family. 

You live an active life, we make products that can keep up with your adventures. that's why we use the most durable materials and back it up with a lifetime guarantee.

We truly believe that having trusted everyday accessories will enhance your life and inspire you to be more. 

ArtyWay's History

Artyway’s founder and creative director Sam Andrew hails from an industrial design background.         In 2018, Sam decided to change gears and turn her energy towards Artyway, a collection of exceptional Homeware. Focusing on quality material, good design, craftsmanship and sustainability, Artyway reflects the epitome of quality over quantity. 

Meb was highly inspired by the Bauhaus Movement's artists and architects. From Mies van der Rohe's works to Kandinsky's paintings, to Aalto's furniture, she acquired a rationalist vision of design by gleaning how they served a utilitarian purpose in a cleverly simple way. Artyway merges industrial design and fashion, creating functional handbags made of luxurious and honest materials to improve people's lives in small but important ways. 

Innovation being the key factor alongside aesthetic, Artyway has brought unexpected shapes with smart details, functionality and a new luxury feel with a contemporary price point.