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Americana Table Lamp

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The Americana series was devised by Miguel Mil¨¢ in the mid-1960s to pay tribute to George Hansen's epic 1950s lamp collection. The Hansen lamps are based on a rotating arm with a swivel situated in the middle dividing the horizontal axis into two sections: one end is pinned onto the vertical shaft of the lamp holding it aloft and the other end is fastened onto the shade support. As a result, the whole arm can swing around, be folded in or opened out from the middle.

Enthralled by the idea of enhancing Hansen's already remarkable geometry, Mil¨¢'s Americana series is also based on a swing arm, albeit with a single section forming a right angle with the shaft this time round. Accordingly, the swivel allowing the shade to swing around horizontally is affixed at the top of the shaft, reducing the lever effect. Although the arm cannot be opened out or folded in on itself, it can be moved towards you or away from you without shifting the large metal base.


  • Americana Collection
  • Designed in 1964
  • Moveable arm
  • UL Listed
  • Dry Rated: Suitable for indoor use

Care Instructions:

  • Clean with a smooth cloth. Do not use ammonia, solvents or abrasive cleaning products.