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Aplo Lamp

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Optional Accessory

The Aplo Lamp by Fermob showcases equal parts function and style. Its sleek cylindrical body is made entirely of aluminum and is topped with an exposed bulb that has several temperatures and light intensities to adjust its glow. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, this piece is finished in an anti-UV coating that comes in array of color options. It can stand alone as a table lamp, or transform into a sconce or pendant when paired with a wall bracket or suspension strap accessory.


  • Aplo Collection
  • Very High Protection Treatment for outdoor use
  • Anti-UV powder coating
  • Powered by Smart & Green
  • Required Assembly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available with or without optional accessories
  • Available in Acapulco Blue (Textured), Anthracite (Speckled Textured) or Cactus (Textured) color

Care Instructions:

  • Please take the greatest of care when unwrapping your furniture so as not to damage it in any way
  • Marks from knives and scissors, scratches from staples or from placing tabletops on the ground, etc., are not covered under the Fermob guarantee
  • Maintenance is Key to the longevity of your furniture
  • Clean Metal Surfaces, particularly tables, when debris builds on surfaces or just when you want to admire its beautiful color
  • Bird droppings, sap, leaves (organic substances) and other potentially corrosive substances should be cleaned as soon as noticed
  • To prevent scratches and water retention, recommend that you do not place decorative objects or flowerpots on tables
  • To clean, use a gentle, naturally based all-purpose cleaner and a smooth cloth or sponge
  • Gently dust beforehand to avoid scratches due to existing rough particles
  • You can also occasionally use a bit of pure mineral oil to give your Fermob a clear coat that will both brighten and provide a gentle seal of protection