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Arty Way

Archway Floor Lamp

Regular price $350.00 USD
Regular price $500.00 USD Sale price $350.00 USD
  • The Archway Floor Lamp is designed in a unique, arch shape that evenly spreads a warm light glow throughout any room
  • The lamp is dimmable and controlled via a remote control (included)
  • Designed with space-efficiency in mind, the Archway Floor Lamp is able to fit perfectly in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, or even a guest room
  • The minimalist style features a warm-white tone with integrated LEDs that provide continuous hours of customized illumination to your space 
  • Made with a high level of craftsmanship, the quality metal finishes alongside with a weighted rubber iron base ensure a safe placement, making a bold yet simple statement in any space
  • Measures at 67"L x 47"W x 12"H