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Ballet Wall Light

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Ballet is a collection created from the experimentation with the stainless steel mesh. Its shapes are formed by the superposition or gathering of its vertexes, allowing freedom for the own flexibility of the material. The resulting volumes are fluid and natural due to the tension of the painted stainless steel mesh. Its asymmetry makes its forms change depending on the point of view. Pli¨¦, Relev¨¦, Elanc¨¦ ¡­ a constant dance of light and shadows.

Painted stainless steel mesh and thread. Arturo Alvarez takes materials out of their usual context, exploring their possibilities up to the point of achieving surprising results. He begins with an apparently cold steel mesh or thread, that he folds, curves or embroils, forming organic elements. He transforms it with these crafting techniques in warm and pleasant forms... bringing it to life. A whole universe of designs develops from this way of working. They all radiate a subtle elegance and delicacy, full of movement, and shine an intense light through them. Painted stainless steel is a compact and resistant material, that won't wear out as time goes by.


  • Ballet Collection
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Energy efficiency from A+ to E
  • Bottom diffuser (for LED lamp)
  • Dimming system: Phase control (for LED lamp)
  • cULus Listed
  • Available in various shade colors
  • Available in E26 or LED model