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Beetle 3D Veneer Front Upholstered Stool

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Looking closely at the anatomy of the beetle insect, characterised by its solid outside and soft inside, the front upholstered Beetle Chair possesses all attributes. The front upholstered Beetle Chair holds the same soft core as the fully upholstered version, giving it an outstanding comfort while the contrasting outer in veneer functions as a protective shell. The Beetle can exude a personal adornment with an upholstery of your choice. Due to its unique design, the front upholstery can also be changed with time to give the chair a different expression and new life to the interior decoration. The height of the chair contributes to its light expression, which makes it blend into any interior naturally and with grace..


  • Beetle Collection
  • Designed in 2013
  • Parts can be separated and sorted for recycling, Beetle shells are made of 100% recyclable PP
  • Available in two sizes
  • Available in various fabric colors and base finishes
  • Available in American Walnut or Oak shell color