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Bicoca Table Lamp

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Simple, elegant, bold, and stylish, the Bicoca Table LampfromMarset brings compact and colorful style to any bedside table or open shelving display.Crafted from polycarbonate with a fully adjustable shade designed to direct and tilt light anywhere you need, this portable lamp is a fabulous addition to a guest bedroom, children's playroom, or at-home office space. For the ultimate in customization, it comes with the option of three versatile accessories designed to help you use the lamp as creatively as possible. In an effort to reduce waste, this portable lamp comes equipped with a USB charging cable that is compatible with any USB wall charging plug.


  • Bicoca Collection
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Polycarbonate body and shade with opal diffuser
  • Stainless Steel and teflon joint
  • Battery life - 5hrs peak power, 10hrs half power, 20hrs quarter power
  • 10hr battery charging time
  • Tiltable shade
  • 3-Position Dimmer
  • Available with or without various accessories
  • Available in various colors