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Dear Ingo Suspended Lamp

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Using the familiar form of the classic task lamp as a building block, Ron Gilad created an object that seems so familiar yet is so imaginative, and begs to be played with. This concept was developed into a versatile ever-changing chandelier, with structural flexibility that is a constant challenge to the viewer's perception. The chandelier is a humorous wink to Mr. Maurer's work.

The 16 task lamps can be placed in various positions- keep them all uniformly extended or in close, move one out place and bring a little chaos to order, move them all out of place, the variations are endless. Provides ambient, accent and of course- task illumination.


  • Year of design: 2003
  • Additional: The Dear Ingo is now officially part of the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Care is required when arranging the task lamp composition
  • Direct the spots in the most functional crooked way or find your optimum balance
  • UL Listed
  • Available in Black or White color

Cleaning Instructions:

The Dear Ingo can be cleaned effectively using a regular household dust cloth or feather duster. Lightly dust over each task lamp whilst it is not illuminated.