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Discoco Wood Pendant Light

Regular price $4,620.00 USD
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If there is one iconic lamp in the Marset collection, it's the Discoc¨®. Now that the fixture has turned ten years old, and following several additional sizes and finishes, it's time it finally got its due. The Discoc¨® evolves with a new finish: Oak.

The quality and comfort provided by this fine material is unequalled. Making wood seem weightless is a real challenge, so for now, this new edition will be available in a 27¡å pendant model. The internal metallic structure remains, but in a nickel graphite finish.

The new Discoc¨® pays homage to the original: with is new wooden discs it persists in the dramatic game of light and shadow, and yields an extremely welcoming light.


  • Discoco Collection
  • Made in Spain
  • 35 opaque discs made in pressed wood diffuser in American oak
  • Black chrome center sphere
  • Black electrical cord
  • UL Listed
  • Dry Rated: Suitable for indoor use
  • Available in Black Chrome finish with Oak disks

Care Instruction:

  • To clean the luminaire use a soft damp cloth with soap or neutral detergent
  • Do not use alcohol or other solvents