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Donut Stool

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Donut is an outdoor stool with such a user-friendly design that you can't help smiling as soon as you see it. With its undeniable, obvious inspiration, there's very little we can add to describe its appearance. Its designer, Japanese-born Mikiya Kobayashi, was inspired by the shape of two doughnuts to create the seat of this amusing stool. A fun idea that's sure to be a great piece to add to any setting, it's certainly got flair and the wow factor.

The seat is made using a soft foam filling and the wrinkles produced by the fabric emphasise its similarity to a doughnut even more. The fabric is especially suitable for outdoor use, so it's extremely weather resistant, plus the cover can be removed for washing. The soft seat means it's much more comfortable for sitting on for long periods than other stools made from more rigid materials.


  • Country of Manufacture: Spain
  • Removable upholstery
  • Available in various colors