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Filo Table Lamp

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Filo comes from the desire to display the individual parts that go into a lamp ¨C the light source, decoration and electrical wiring ¨C bringing out their structural and aesthetic characteristics, simplifying the grammar and syntax. Its essential character is the result of the choice of using decoration to play a fundamental role, incorporating elements that are not traditionally considered decorative. Hence the electrical wire establishes a dialogue with the parts in glass and the diffuser, in a rhythmical game of role swapping. While the energy that allows the lamp to perform its purpose as lighting runs along the cord, spheres and bulbs of glass also take their place there, transforming it into the archetype of a necklace, with a porcelain body in the form of a cone that projects the light on the wire and the glass spheres, ideally positioned as a pendant.

Table lamp with semi-diffused and direct down light. The base and the rod that support the cable and decorations are made of powder coated metal. The round electrical cable is covered with colored fabric, the ON/OFF switch on the cable is black, as is the plug. The two decorative elements are made of entirely hand-crafted mold-less hand-blown glass. The different shapes and decorations are conferred directly to the product during processing. The cone, which contains the retrofit LED lamp, its shape is obtained in a mold. The eight default versions differ in the color of the cable, and in the shapes and color of the glass elements and in the color of the base.


  • Filo Collection
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Brightness light: direct down light
  • Available in various colors