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L4 Stacking Stool

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It's a cool thing what you can do with 3D design and a CNC machine for making furniture but it's also what you don't have to do. Loll Designs doesn't have to dry the plastic for months. They don't have to bend the plastic into shapes, they just cut the shape they want. There is no glue. No sanding. No paint. Loll Designs doesn't have to handcraft complex joinery. It's a sign of the times. Still, they know they would not be here today unless manufacturing techniques were constantly improved. Loll's L4 stool nods to the Aalto E60 and all that innovation that got them to this point some 85 years later. Simple, stacking, sturdy, and made with 100% recycled plastic.


  • Made in the USA
  • Contains 88 reclaimed milk jugs
  • Some assembly required
  • Available in various colors


  • Loll products are made with partially recycled and fully recyclable material
  • Milk jugs are used due to their lack of pigment so Loll's vibrant colors can be created
  • As Loll material is a post-consumer recycled material, the medium to create the material does inevitably fluctuate
  • Although we do continuously strive for the best consistency possible, material color and texture may slightly vary from sheet good to sheet good and thus product to product
  • There is ultraviolet (UV) stability in Loll material. Loll products are manufactured with a highly weatherable HDPE sheet
  • Loll's post consumer resin includes a superior UV additive designed for plastics that improves exterior durability, greatly reducing characteristic surface degradation caused by sunlight and other UV light sources
  • Pigments/color concentrates are also added that are formulated with the best weathering pigments available in the market in a particular color-space


  • This unique and environmentally-conscious paper composite is used in some Loll pieces. Made with resin-saturated paper, Richlite requires no maintenance and may patina over time


  • Loll was conceived as a way to repurpose excess skate ramp material. Founded on principles of efficient and responsible use/reuse of manufacturing material, Loll products are fabricated using lean manufacturing techniques