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Lampe de Bureau Table Lamp

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Jean Prouv¨¦ designed the Lampe de Bureau, a small table lamp, as part of the functional furnishings for the halls of residence at the Cit¨¦ Universitaire in Nancy. Constructed from bent sheet steel, it reflects the light rays and pleasantly illuminates the desk surface.

The powder-coated finish comes in several colors, which are derived from the original hues used by Prouv¨¦, and the power cable is sheathed in a high-quality textile casing.


  • Country of Origin: Hungary
  • Year of Design: 1930
  • Light source: Osram Candle, frosted
  • Dimmability: No dimmer
  • Plug: Euro flat 2-pin (type C plug), UK 3-pin (type G plug) or US 2-pin (type A plug)
  • Energy efficiency: F
  • Available in various colors