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Little Heaven Pendant Light OPEN BOX

Regular price $445.50 USD
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Working at the intersection between design, materials development and innovative production processes, all of the light diffuser materials in ANGO lights have their own character. The materials are often found natural ones or a composite / natural material developed by experimentation. ANGO observes and investigates what's possible with sometimes accidental or unpredictable outcomes. The branches of the mulberry shrubs are harvested in the autumn, and the innermost (white) layer of bark is stripped from the timber and boiled in a mixture of water and soda ash. The strips are then beaten by hand until they have been well separated. The diffuser is formed by hand sewing the prepared clusters of fiber to a cotton grid affixed to the stainless steel base structure.


  • Handmade in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Local, natural materials and low impact/low energy production process
  • 9 feet 10 in adjustable cord
  • Cloth-covered, shade ring electrics (white) are included
  • UL Listed
  • Available in Natural color