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PaoPao Pendant Light

Regular price $323.00 USD
Regular price $380.00 USD Sale price $323.00 USD

Inspired by organic shapes and the artistry of fine jewelry, the PaoPao collection earned its name from the word Bubble in Mandarin. Available in three colorways, and multiple configurations, the signature tear-drop silhouette of each pendant consists of a matching color glass sphere and metal cap. Each glass sphere is mouth-blown and vacuum plated to create an unique layered effect. The glass sphere visually changes as the light transitions between ON and OFF mode. When the light is OFF, one can appreciate the simplistic beauty of the glass surface and its reflective nature. When the fixture is ON, each pendant glows alluringly, allowing the light to reflect within the glass sphere, creating a dazzling optical effect. Besides its inherent beauty, the PaoPao utilizes high quality integrated LED design, that offers Color Rendering of CRI 95, as well as a dimmable function, (Triac Dimming). The light emission is controlled at 58 degrees down beam angle to prevent undesirable glare yet ensuring sufficient illumination.


  • PaoPao Collection
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Require installation
  • Dimmable with a TRIAC dimmer
  • Title 20
  • Available in Chrome, Copper or Champagne Gold finish