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Portmeirion Chandelier

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During the pandemic, movies were one of Clarence Mallari's sources for inspiration: I became fascinated with the shape and function of a lifebuoy and wondered how I could translate it into lighting. It took me some time to come out with the design due to the fact that it was challenging to conceive and arduous to make. The frame on the Portmeirion Large Chandelier is made of wrought iron around which abaca rope has been wrapped for the nautical feel that inspired it. This large version of the Portmeirion has 12 lights, which are suspended on an aircraft cable to make the fixtures seem like they are floating in the sea.


  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Adjustable height
  • 14 ft Silver cord color
  • Canopy Shape: Round
  • Available in Satin Black/Abaca Rope finish