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Arty Way

Sunset Table Lamp

Regular price $74.99 USD
Regular price $120.00 USD Sale price $74.99 USD

Love the warm glow of sunsets? Perhaps you prefer the crack of sunlight during dawn. Whatever the mood, our Sunset Table Lamps are the perfect addition to any room to add a warm and ambient glow.

  • 4 color options: Sunset Red, Rainbow, Sunset, Sun
  • Project and illuminate any wall surface with a warm and colorful halo
  • The further the distance the bigger the halo
  • Adjustable 180 degree lamp head
  • Having more than one lamp will allow you to create color blends
  • Create a visual experience like no other - warm and cool colors



Power: USB cable

Charging Cable Length: 120cm

Size: 27cm (L) x 10cm (D)

Material: Aluminium